Gamescom 2012 is over! You can see our roundup blogpost here!

Yes, will be appearing on Gamescom 2012 and we've got quite a few goodies in store!

The following games will be playable at the stand:

  • Mari0 SE - You'll be able to try yourself at Mari0 in Portal levels using the usual mouse and keyboard, or try the 4 player gamepads multiplayer with your buddies! Those are supposed to be cooperative, but everyone knows you'll just try to sabotage them with strategically placed portals near a pit.
  • Not Tetris 2 - This time with an NES controller to make you even more confused
  • Not Pacman - You know that game that's been "WIP" since you've first seen the site with no changes since? Yes, Not Pacman will be playable at Gamescom. With a steering wheel.


For more information about hall location, see Gamescom Hall plan.

Special thanks

Our appearance at Gamescom would not be possible without: