We love exhibiting at Gamescom! We´re back once again with an extra treat!

The following games will be playable at the Stabyourself.net stand:

  • Mari0 4 player mode (SMB mappack) - Perfect for making your friends fall into bottomless pits while speedrunning the game.
  • Not Tetris 2 - Tetris that hates you.
  • Not Pacman - Pacman that doesn't listen to you.
  • Mari0 speedrunning (SMB Time Trials custom mappack) - Outrun your friends and hundreds of ghost of all Gamescom players.
  • Super Versus Battle Arcade - Compete against your friend in retro games on a huge LED wall.


We will be located in hall 10.2 as part of the Retro Gaming. Look around until you see a massive bright light.

Special thanks

Our appearance at Gamescom would not be possible without: