Other Projects

About this page

This is where some of the minor projects as well as abandoned things will go. Most of the stuff is abandoned or of low notoriety for a reason. I won't be making binaries for these so they'll only be available in the .love format. To run them, you'll need to get Löve 2D.


Tired of the overly complicated sequencers currently available? Rimshot was designed from ground up with a simple and intuitive interface in mind to allow the creation of any kinds of drumbeats. With a wide set of features and samples from all kinds of different drums and cymbals, the user can create anything they can imagine.

Unnamed Flying Game

Mainly done as a test of creating the illusion of 3D, I just couldn't figure out where to go with this. Still, it looks pretty cool.


In a world where anyone can be a super leet programmer by simply mashing their keyboard, you have to stand tall by mashing your keyboard more than everyone else. Are you game?


It's a game where you have to press X in the right moment to shoot a football into a hooker's face, who will then call you pathetic. Didn't think you'd see that, huh.

Guitar Anti-Hero

Planned to be a feature rich clone of Rock Band/Guitar Hero with online play. Halted because of problems with Lua-Midi compatibility and committment towards other projects. Later reused in Rimshot for the 3D-view.

No download because it's not playable!