Super Battle Arcade is a 2 player showdown featuring 6 classic game recreations. Test your reaction time, quick thinking and button mashing capabilities.

Super Battle Arcade has been designed from the ground up to be played in public on biggest possible screens at low resolutions along with custom 2-player arcade controllers for the most tense classic game showdown you can have.

100m Dash

Each battle on an immense 96 × 64 pixel display takes about 5 minutes and, with its simple 4-way D-pad/stick and 2 button controls, can be picked up by just about anyone in seconds.

Where to play

The best way to show your skills is to decimate your opponent in front of everyone, so if you're an event organiser looking to set up a treat for your visitors, contact us! Check the list below for events where Super Battle Arcade has been and where it will be available.

Gamescom 2015
Cologne, Germany
5th August 2015 to 9th August 2015 Event entry ticket required
Hop-Con 4.0
San Diego, CA, USA
20th July 2016 Stone Brewing Co. Event entry ticket required
Ages 21+
Gamescom 2016
Cologne, Germany
17th August 2016 to 21st August 2016 Event entry ticket required
Maker Faire San Diego
San Diego, CA, USA
1st October 2016 to 2nd October 2016 Stone Brewing Co. Event entry ticket required
Gamescom 2017
Cologne, Germany
22nd August 2017 to 26th August 2017 Event entry ticket required