Gamescom 2013 is done and done. Read the roundup blogpost here.

Guess what! We're at Gamescom! Again! The setup will be similar to the one last year.

The following games will be playable at the stand:

  • Mari0 SE - Make your friends' deaths look like accidents in 4-player cooperative classic Super Mario Bros. with portals or show them how much better you are at holding the B button in the custom speedrunning mappack with ghosts of the past players running in the background.
  • Not Tetris 2 - If you hate either Tetris or physics, don't play this.
  • Not Pacman - You drive the world and Pacman rolls around.


For more information about hall location, see Gamescom Hall plan.

Special thanks

Our appearance at Gamescom would not be possible without:

  • Die Schreibfabrik - Providing exhibition space
  • Šolski Center Kranj - Lending computers and monitors
  • Donators - Most of the required assets we're reusing from last year and those wouldn't be there without our donators. Thank you.