About Stabyourself.net

Stabyourself.net was formed in early 2011 to make awesome games for the masses. We don't take pride in being the best, but we are.

Who We Are

  • Maurice Guégan makes games.
  • Sašo Smolej makes web stuff.


We're making these games for everyone to enjoy, so we also believe in open source to give people an insight if they want to. We would only like to request that you give us credit if you use code from us. If you want a specific license, then stick to the BY-NC-SA CC license.


We're extremely lucky to be able to make public appearances!


Are you amazed at how awesome we are? Are you angry one of our games set your computer on fire? Are you Nintendo and want to send us a cease and desist letter?
Email us at contact@stabyourself.net

Advertising on Stabyourself.net

I'm sure you'd like to. But you can't. Tough luck.